Mirrored Accent Piece

And that’s a wrap… 2015 Spring Furniture Market!

With over 10 million square feet of furniture trends and designs, it’s no wonder that over 85,000 industry professionals attended the largest furniture convention in the quiet town of High Point, NC. Twice a year, the industry’s “who’s who” attend the show, to show off or buy the greatest furniture you have ever laid your eyes on… And then there’s furniture that makes you think you may have fallen right into Wonderland with Alice. None-the-less, the furniture show is nothing short of an extraordinary event — and the Spring show was no exception.

Z-Line Designs debuted several new fashion forward designs, that are the hottest trends in furniture. In typical Z-Line fashion, we kept the industry abuzz this market! So what can you expect to see out in the furniture world in the coming months? Here’s a simple breakdown…


Call it old Hollywood glam or natural “bling” — whatever you want to call it, it’s the hottest trend in furniture, that’s showing longevity, and we couldn’t be happier! From gold, bronze, copper, silver, chrome, and even brass – the metallic finish on furniture has proven to be a trend that is setting the way for furniture design. Elegant touches of various metals are bringing simple designs to life. While mixing various metals may have been frowned upon by designer’s years ago, it’s now a rainbow of metals that are making them drool. Using a striking metallic and/or mirror on furniture can turn an understated piece of furniture into the statement piece in any room!



“Look, but don’t touch” wasn’t the motto at this show! With furniture pieces ranging from end tables, desks and armoires, there was plenty of look and touch designs for everyone.


Z-Line Designs featured an elegant mixed-media collection with textured custom “Zebra” finish that made quite an impression. With bold elements such as brushed nickel metal accents, chrome cylinders, and black glass- the zebra finish, which made the boldest statement of all the elements on this desk, had a unique ripple texture that captivated everyone who stopped to “ooh and ahh” over this amazing piece.


Who doesn’t love the feeling of being outdoors and being at one with nature? So, it only makes sense that you would want to see the beauty of mother nature in your furniture. The latest trend of bold wood grains has made its own bold statement at this year’s show. Defined grain has been popping up in every piece of furniture one can imagine; from chairs, coffee tables, and dressers, to dining tables and accents … the list can go on and on. The beauty of the natural wood grains define the essence of what we love about the outdoors, so why not bring the beauty of outdoors, indoors??

Wood Grain


Is it an end table? Is it a file cabinet? Is it a charging station? It’s all of the above! And why shouldn’t it be? Gone are the days when you buy a piece of furniture which only serves one purpose. Now you can, and should, buy something that can be used for multiple purposes. Why buy just a desk, when it can also be a console or a dining table?! Why buy just a at TV stand when it can also serve as a desk?! Other types of multifunctional furniture include a file cabinet that has a concealed flip up drawer, which is a charging station, or a desk that has a flip up panel that reveals storage.



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