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Keepin’ it Fresh – Four Fall Furniture Trends!

It’s that time of year! Where the days get a little shorter, the nights a little colder, and there always seems to be a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand while planning out your shopping list. Before you know it, it will be the holidays and you’ll be entertaining at home. But aghast, you don’t want to have all those holiday parties in a dreary, dull, dated home! Here’s a list of the fall trends that will keep your place fresh for the holiday season, and well after—Consider this our early holiday gift to you!


Outdoor Meets Indoor

Why hello there, you beautiful wicker ottoman and chair! What are you doing inside the home? Having furniture that can be used in any room of your home is a big plus in anyone’s book (and wallet). Why not use the diversity and the current trend to your advantage, and bring some of those outdoor pieces indoors, and refresh your space? With the weather getting cooler, you’ll want to store or cover up your outdoor furniture. So instead, why not use it this fall and winter! Keep it classy by just brining in the appropriate pieces such as a chair or table, and enhance that natural wood coffee table or your antique gold accent chair. It gives a fresh look in an old space without spending a penny!

hollywoodOld Hollywood Glamor

Since it is the holiday season, who doesn’t like a little bit of glitter, gold, and all that jazz? You want to be elegant in the glamour that you exude – without going over the top, lavish, and extravagant.  It is really about creating a mood – a vibe of class and style. Think Audrey Hepburn or Fred Astaire. Rooms will reflect bold yet elegant statements with touches of gold (metals), mirrored accents, and furniture with a softer side, while complimenting and adding to a bold statement. Steer away from the neutral color tones – nothing vanilla or boring! This is after all, Hollywood dahling!


The World Traveler

India, Thailand, China, Paris, Bali… A list of places many have on their bucket list, though have yet to visit. One day… But! Instead of waiting for one day, why not bring those exotic far off places right inside your home or office? Finding unique and exotic furniture is far easier than it used to be. Adding a different and unique design to your existing furniture can be fun and exciting. Why not bring a little of India in your home with some beautiful jeweled tone accent pillows? Or, have an island paradise in your kitchen with some Hawaiian inspired accents.


Feeling Blue? Good!

It may not be the color of 2014, or even 2013, but it’s still a color that is setting the trend for 2014 – and likely well into 2015. The vibrant colors of turquoise have been showing its diversity in fashion and furniture all year. It has the right amount of pizazz, while still keeping it classic and warm. Just adding a few pieces of turquoise furniture can transform any room or office, and give it a breath of fresh air. While adding a bold statement of various shades of turquoise can give a room a complete makeover.


Go Big or Go Home!

Many of us women know that simply adding a bold necklace or scarf to an outfit can transform your dull outfit to a new one. Well, the same goes for a room or an office! A large piece of furniture is a sure way to make a bold statement while not having to do much to a room. Adding a large bookcase in your home office can transform your once boring room into an elegant library.


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