home improvement

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Colors for your Home

Who doesn’t love some color in their home?  A nice pop of red there, an electric splash of blue here, a little dollop of bright yellow there! And voila, you’ve transformed that boring room into a bright, new exciting room you actually want to be in! beforeafter

Your home is a reflection of your own personal taste so do what you think looks good, the colors you chose should be an extension of your style. Whether you like bright and bold or dark and stormy, go crazy with color or play it cool and casual.

Accent chairs, tables, sofas, dressers and pretty much any other piece of furniture found in a home can be colorful and add a design element to any home environment. Find inspiration in nature, food, fashion… just about anything! The good thing is, if you don’t like the color or you want to change the color, it’s so easy and fun to do!orange


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