Z-Line Presents New Gaming, Home Entertainment Styles


HIGH POINT, NC— Fun and games, to functional but entertaining purposes, will be a key part of the Z-Line Designs furniture presentation at the Spring High Point Market.

One factor that will be evident at the Z-Line showroom, said Rick Lamb, vp/merchandising for the company, is a deeper participation in the gaming realm. The company has dabbled in gaming before, particularly with chairs, even using a gaming design to develop an office chair with comfort characteristics.

Z-Line continues to feature gaming chairs, adding new ergonomics and augmentations to enhance electronic activities, but it also will add gaming desks to the mix, with power elements and LED in multiple configurations…

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The first day of summer begins this weekend, and of course, Z-Line is turning up the heat with our new line of electric fireplace entertainment stands! We know, we know, it can be well over 100 degrees in some areas during the summer. And, who wants to have a fireplace (electric or not) on during that kind of weather?!

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Mirrored Accent Piece

And that’s a wrap… 2015 Spring Furniture Market!

With over 10 million square feet of furniture trends and designs, it’s no wonder that over 85,000 industry professionals attended the largest furniture convention in the quiet town of High Point, NC. Twice a year, the industry’s “who’s who” attend the show, to show off or buy the greatest furniture you have ever laid your eyes on… And then there’s furniture that makes you think you may have fallen right into Wonderland with Alice. None-the-less, the furniture show is nothing short of an extraordinary event — and the Spring show was no exception.

Z-Line Designs debuted several new fashion forward designs, that are the hottest trends in furniture. In typical Z-Line fashion, we kept the industry abuzz this market! So what can you expect to see out in the furniture world in the coming months? Here’s a simple breakdown… Continue Reading

Valentine on Couch

Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re like most people, you are quietly panicking on what to get for your significant other. Of course you want it to be special, as they are the ones that make your heart flutter, right? Luckily here are Z-Line Designs’ top 10 romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t have to break the bank!

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Are you ready for some football?

Well, it’s finally here (almost)…THE BIG GAME! Are you ready? Of course you are! Everyone has a check list of what to buy before the game. Some of the basics- beverages, pizza, hot wings, chips & dips galore — just about everything one would imagine they would like to consume in one afternoon (day) meal! Then, it happens… the big day arrives. Your party is ready, and you prepare for the loud cheers and screams of your rowdy football fans.

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home decor

Keepin’ it Fresh – Four Fall Furniture Trends!

It’s that time of year! Where the days get a little shorter, the nights a little colder, and there always seems to be a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand while planning out your shopping list. Before you know it, it will be the holidays and you’ll be entertaining at home. But aghast, you don’t want to have all those holiday parties in a dreary, dull, dated home! Here’s a list of the fall trends that will keep your place fresh for the holiday season, and well after—Consider this our early holiday gift to you!

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